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Selecting an architect is a huge task that should not be addressed casually nor completed without consideration of some very weighty questions.  Any time that you are faced with a decision of this magnitude and importance, it is helpful to breakdown the overall problem into several topics.  Although the project may vary, there are always some basic questions which will get you on the right path, and in turn, generate additional questions that help you make your decision intelligently.

Before selecting an architect, inquiries should be made about the architect's experience and the possibility of references.  Does he have a "track record" of a successful practice, and has he done jobs similar to yours?  It is important  to find out whether his projects are sound and trouble free and whether his designs are practical, with the plans and details well worked out.  His plans, specifications, cost estimates, and field inspections should be thorough.      

 Bill Fuller has been practicing architecture since 1969.  His goal has always been not only to provide architectural services, but also to provide personal service to his clients, ensuring that they are satisfied with the completed project. It is also very important to sound the architect out on his attitude on the interrelated roles of church, architect and contractor in general, and his specific proposal for working with your congregation on the project at hand. The architect should be able to work well with the committee and the builder so that all will feel a part of the team.  In addition, he should have attitudes, habits and methods that are compatible with the committee and the church.  He needs to be a good communicator and listener, someone who is really interested in working with you, and will not pass your project off to a draftsman in some back room as soon as the contract has been signed. You need to understand the type of contract he uses, how he bases his fee, and when it is due, along with what services are and are not covered under the basic fee.  Is the fee reasonable?  Are the services tailored to your needs?  You will want a breakdown of the estimated time required for each phase of the architectural and construction process, along with an estimate of the total time required for the project.  You will need to determine your architect's role during the construction phase and the frequency with which he visits the job site. Can he devote adequate time to your project, or is he too busy? Does he have the patience to fit into the church's schedule?

Because of his experience, in the planning, design & construction of over 250 churches, Bill Fuller understands the concerns of the building committee and is cognizant of the responsibilities that they face. The following information has been gathered for your benefit in the hopes that it will answer your questions about Bill Fuller, his attitude & his experience.